Privacy policy

dHealth AS takes Privacy seriously and is mindful of our responsibility and trust in securing and handling information with care. This document outlines how we approach privacy and uphold these considerations. By downloading and using our services, you consent to the storage of personal information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.

In addition to what is described in this document, dHealth AS acts as a data processor for information registered in our apps StressProffen and EPIO - this is regulated through the End User Agreement along with the associated data processing agreement.

Contact information

Inquiries regarding privacy at dHealth AS can be directed to the following address:


Types of Personal Information We Store

User Data
We store your email when you register as a user of the service.
Can be deleted from app account settings.
When you contact us with questions, we store information about the inquiry. This includes the question itself, as well as the email and name of the inquirer.
History is essential for customer support inquiries, so information here is not automatically deleted.
Upon subscribing to the newsletter, we store your name and email.
All newsletters include an unsubscribe/delete link.

If you're curious about what we have stored about you or want to correct/delete information beyond what's described above, feel free to contact us.

Why do we collect information?

We collect information for the following purposes:

We manage user accounts and permissions for StressProffen and EPIO.
Information is used to market StressProffen  and EPIO, measure the effectiveness of our marketing efforts, and analyze  which messages are relevant. For example, we may analyze which ads have  relevant messaging. We use services from, among others, Google and Facebook. This also allows us to stop showing ads once you become a customer of dHealth  AS.
Informationis used to analyze usage patterns. For instance, we can see how many people usea specific feature or page in StressProffen and EPIO and for how long. Thishelps us identify useful features and focus on those that are heavily used,which in turn guides simplification efforts. We can see activity at the grouplevel, not individual user actions.
Contacting you
Stored information is used to contact you through relevant channels. Examples include newsletters and sending you notifications about payment deadlines for using the service. Typically, we  use email as the channel, but we may also use SMS.

Sharing of information

We have some partners with whom we collaborate to enhance and secure StressProffen and EPIO. When StressProffen or EPIO shares your information with third parties, a separate data processing agreement is established, or it's regulated through Privacy Shield. We do not sell or provide information to other third parties that do not support the services we offer.

For an overview of which third parties we exchange data with, please refer to our cookie policy and partners.

Your rights

In relation to personal data, you have certain statutory rights as an individual. More detailed information can be found at the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet).

Addressed through
What we store
You have the right to know what types of  information we store about you.
Described in this document.
Why we store
You have the right to know the purpose behind our storage of personal data.
Described in this document.
You have the right to access the data we have stored about you.
Contact us for an overview.
You have the right to have the information we  have stored about you deleted and errors corrected.
Contact us for deletion/correction beyond  what's described in this document. Note that not all information (e.g.,  financial records) can be deleted due to legal requirements.
You can file a complaint if you believe your rights have not been upheld.
If you believe we've done something wrong, we  hope you'll first contact us. However, you always have the right to complain  to the Norwegian Data Protection Authority (Datatilsynet).